Kherbet Rouha, Rachaya

Bekaa, Lebanon


E-mail: kamelassaf1@gmail.com

Phone: (961) 70 - 433265

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Professional info​

Provide exceptional service in Information technology especially, software programming, hardware and networking to achieve high carrier growth through a continuous learning process and keep myself dynamic, visionary and competitive with the changing scenario of the world, with also a passion to serve others with IT knowledge needed and support other IT units to accomplish projects efficiently and effectively according to project management strategies.

Key Skills
  • Fluent in English, Arabic, Spanish & Portuguese written and spoken.
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills including presentations, reports and user manual.
  • Excellent listening and questioning skills combined with the ability to interact confidently with clients to establish the work required.
  • Flexibility/adaptability to work under pressure and heavy load work.
  • Problem solving skills with time management.
  • Good working experience with national and international humanitarian organizations.
  • Ability to train and support special units.
  • Good Management and team leading.
  • Ability to design and install network using different routers of CISCO or Mikrotik.
  • Dealing with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC OS.
  • Hardware and software maintenance of desktops or servers.
  • Designed and programmed websites using HTML, PHP and JavaScript languages.
  • Programmed using different languages such as JAVA, C, C++, and C# Sharp with GUI.
  • Create and administrate databases using Microsoft SQL Server with the ability to write SQL scripts and monitor the database server and protect it using policies and privacy rules.
  • Ability to manage servers running Microsoft server with active directory, file sharing and email server.
  • Writing professional reports using software engineering concepts.
  • Graph & Tree optimization and searching methods.








Visual Studio



Astah Community


Packet Tracer

Network Administration

Client/Server Architecture

Writing Reports

Lebanese International Univeristy

2011 - 2015


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science


Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Computer Networks

Visual Programming

Data Structures & Algorithm

Artificial Intelligence


Digital Logic & Computer Organization